Saturday, June 9, 2012

About myself

My name is Mohamad Hafiz Bin Pheros.  People like to call me hafiz or hp. Hp stands for hafiz pheros not hp laptop. Haha. My hobbies is surfing internet, download songs, movies , cycling and play badminton. I like to mix with others because from young i been train to mix with other races like chinese , indian and other. My favorite sports that i like to watch on television is Formula 1 , Moto Gp , English Premier League and other football game . I like formula one so much because oh my passion to like fast car and its technology from the past ten years had changed. Other then watching television , i like to listen to all kind of songs from malay , chinese , korean, japanese and others. I like to play racing game and also fighting game. I am the oldest in the family and i have a very cute sister even though our gap is far but we are close to each other. I love my family so much . For me family comes first then friends.  I had a lot of dream to fulfill but most of the dream is sending my family for hajj . I am a shy person .This semester i try my best to be the best for my study and perform it so that i can continue my master maybe in oversea. It has been a dream since young to study there Uk ( United kingdom not ulu klang ) haha. Hope i can achieve my dream. Thanks for reading . Hope all of you be happy in what you are doing and start your day with a smile . 

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