Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 resolution and must achieve this

1) graduate my diploma
2) study for my final semester this year need to get 3.5 above back
3) stop playing around and online 24 hours a day
4) need to focus for my study
5) take care of  my sister
6) take a car licence
7) pursuit my degree
8) change my attitude to a better person
9) be positive in life

sad& happy

today my holiday end . so fast time past by .it feel like yesterday i just start my holiday and now its over. hahahahha. time flies so quickly . 2010. what can i say about 2010 is there is lot of things happen in my life. happy , sad , disappointment and other things. lot of happy things happen in  2010 such as i final couple with a girl name mei ting . she was a good cute girl and she is Chinese. besides that, i got back to stay in hostel in college, enjoy my life with my best friend. i miss them a lot especially primary and secondary school. they are the best. hard to find just like them. sad things happen in 2010 is i broke up with mei ting but we still contact each other just like we are still couple . funny right. hahahaha. she take her spm in 2010 and i know she can do it. other then broke up, i had bad result in my semester . my result going down down. need to changed before it is to late. lots of things happen in life and you need to take it as lesson for the future so that you would not repeat the same mistake again and again.